Ankle Pain


"The pain and swelling from my severely sprained ankle went away after 3 treatments."

"I had multiple complaints, some aches and pains from a very old ankle injury and decided to try a holistic approach to healing. This was my first experience with acupuncture.
Lana discussed my problems personally and in depth. She spent some time with me on medical history and suggested that we focus on primary source of pain.
She was kind caring, caring and compassionate. She gave me fast relief without drugs and the side affects you would expect. Plus, I didn't have to deal with a trip to the doctor's office and then a trip to get medicine. And my treatment only took half an hour and I was back to my life. She has a great deal of expertise in Chinese Herbs. That is none drug based ways of making you feel well, and treating with time tested natural products. I had amazing progress and cant wait for my next visit.
Highly recommend her!"

"Dr. Lana is knowledgeable and kind. She listens to what you need and then helps you find relief for your symptoms. The pain and swelling from my severely sprained ankle went away after 3 treatments. She also helped me with the stress I have been feeling due to a family member's illness."

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