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“I had never been to an acupuncturist before but after trying everything else that I could think of to address a running injury, I thought, why not? Nothing else that I had tried (laying off if running, doing more walking, stretching, yoga, Arnicare, Ben Gay, ice, heat, etc.) was making a difference. It took probably 2x with acupuncture treatment with Dr Lana to make a big difference. I bought a package of 20 treatments have gone 12x now over the past 7 weeks and feel exponentially better. I just tell her each time where I'm feeling pain and she modifies treatment to address it. I had a goal this past weekend of running a 10k without stopping and did it :) Haven't been able to do that in YEARS. So grateful to feel this terrific through a non-invasive treatment! So, so glad that I gave acupuncture, specifically with Dr Lana, a chance!”- L.R. on 7/23/19

“ Dr. Lana is great and highly recommended. I am a fitness trainer and for a longest time I had this weird pain in my elbow. I tried everything and it would go off and on with the pain. I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Lana was amazing just after few sessions my arm felt better than ever and I haven't had pain since.” – Igor S. on 7/28/19

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