High Blood Pressure


“My blood pressure became elevated during the 20th week of my pregnancy and doctors were concerned about increased risk of preeclampsia and various other issues.  The next step would have been placing me on blood pressure medications followed by bedrest.  I decided to go to Nirvana Naturopathics to try a natural approach at lowering my blood pressure.  Each session was very soothing and relaxing! I was also given recommendations on what foods to eat and supplements to take to try to lower my blood pressure naturally.  Overall, I was very pleased. My blood pressure was maintained throughout my pregnancy and I was able to avoid medications and other possible complications!”- Mariana T. on 2/22/15

“I've been known to have high blood pressure for ages. Naturally I was getting tired of constantly taking these powerful blood pressure meds like Benicar (yet being thankful for them). I've read that there are natural alternatives to lowering it, and to my surprise that's exactly what happened when I visited Nirvana Naturopathics. I saw a significant result even after my first acupuncture, so I can now have a more balanced lifestyle. Thanks!”- Leon S. on 2/06/15

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