Hip Pain


"After 3 years with pain and trying all options from doctors, drugs, phy therapy, massages I thought why not try acupuncture. Success. I don't understand how it works but 3 treatments later and I can sleep on my side, rollout of bed and sit in a chair and a car with no pain. Even when I push on the area I get no pain. I'll take this relief. Thank you Dr. Lana you do the voodoo so well. ;-))"

"Hi Lana, Good news is that my Vertigo is much better. I’m not sure if you intended for that to happen, but thank you. As far as my hip goes, I would say on a scale of 10 it is probably a 3 which is better then what it was. I just think this is not going to get better over night. I was able to walk this morning and so far I feel pretty good.

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