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“I started seeing Lana just over a month ago, as I've been seeking out new preventative treatments for headaches that have become much too frequent in the past year. I've tried several other things, which helped a bit, so when I saw our new heath insurance through work covered 20 acupuncture sessions, I knew I had to try it. I did my research and after deciding it was a treatment that has helped many people, I found Nirvana and after reviewing the website, decided Dr. Moshkovich had the training and expertise I could trust-so I made an appt. From the moment I called and talked to her assistant, I felt understood and heard, and after six visits, they were able to meet and exceed the expectations I had. Lana has a very warm and caring demeanor, her personality supplements her gentle and steady hand as she places the needles in the right spots (from my forehead to my feet!)...she's a wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable practitioner, and for anyone who is not a fan of needles-she's the right one to try your first acupuncture experience with! As far as the treatment itself-I've found after a month and a half that the tension in my shoulders and neck has decreased and the headaches have reduced in frequency-I'm excited to see how that continues to progress in the coming months!”- Nikki H. on 02/19/20

“I really recommend acupuncture with Dr. Lana. She is so competent and makes you feel comfortable when you go there. I had an issue with migraines, neck pain, and sleep problems. She has a great acupuncture combination that always makes me feel pain free and relaxed right away after she starts the treatment.”- Roberta S. on 6/12/19

“I highly recommend Dr. Lana at Nirvana Naturopathics to all of my friends and family and fellow students. I am a student who began seeing Dr. Lana for debilitating migraines. I believe that due to the doctor's expertise I am now migraine free. I was getting migraines on average twice a week and even had to go to the emergency room to relieve some of them. My treatment began with a thorough consultation followed by acupuncture treatments twice a week. By the end of the second week of treatment I realized that I am not experiencing migraines on the same scale as I did before. This is now three months since my first treatment and I have not experienced any debilitating migraines since then.”- Nicole S. on 8/24/18

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