“Dr. Lana is amazing! She helped me a lot throughout my pregnancy and I highly recommend her."
-Alexandra C on Yelp.

“I loved my experience at Nirvana Naturopathics! Dr. Lana's experience and expertise has been monumental in providing me with successful pregnancy and a blessing of having a baby girl!!!!! Her knowledge of infertility field and specifically PCOS helped me turn a difficult situation into an absolute blessing with helping me finally getting pregnant after many failed IVF's and staying pregnant which was difficult for me to do before getting her help!!! She also helped me lowered my blood pressure during pregnancy and helped me avoid medications and lowered my risk of preeclampsia. Dr. Lana always took time to listen to her patients and she made me feel very comfortable from the very first meeting.  She always encouraged me to call with any questions and would always get back to me the same day! Dr. Lana is very personable and made this whole experience very positive!”- Jane on 2/28/17

“My blood pressure became elevated during the 20th week of my pregnancy and doctors were concerned about increased risk of preeclampsia and various other issues.  The next step would have been placing me on blood pressure medications followed by bedrest.  I decided to go to Nirvana Naturopathics to try a natural approach at lowering my blood pressure.  Each session was very soothing and relaxing! I was also given recommendations on what foods to eat and supplements to take to try to lower my blood pressure naturally.  Overall, I was very pleased. My blood pressure was maintained throughout my pregnancy and I was able to avoid medications and other possible complications!”- Mariana T. on 2/22/15

“I came to Dr Moshkovich after many months of unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant. I saw her I about five times and she did acupuncture and Moxa treatments for me. My treatment experience was excellent. My body responded well to acupuncture, and after 2 week my pregnancy test was positive. I want to thank Dr. Moshkovich for all the appointments we had together. She’s intelligent, compassionate, and everything else a health care professional should be. I would recommend acupuncture to a friend. She has a quiet manner, professional, and doesn’t waste time. She does not make me wait. Her office is comfortable and very clean. She has a bathroom right in her office.”- Lana S. on 11/13/14"

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