Shoulder Pain


"I had terrible shooting pain in my neck and shoulder. I was very skeptical about acupuncture overall. But I try massages and pain killers and nothing help. So I decided to try acupuncture. I call Doctor Lana crying for help. After first treatment I did not feel any relief right the way but in couple hours my neck pain eased and overnight it was almost gone. I still have pain in my shoulder and next day I went for a second treatment. I highly believed that acupuncture really help me a lot. Doctor Lana very professional and knows what she is doing. I'll highly recommend her."

"I went to doctor Lana for severe pain in my right shoulder blade. She helped me a lot! I had Accupuncture treatment with electrical stimulation, cupping treatment and heat therapy! My pain is 98% gone! I am very thankful to Doctor Lana!"

"Dr. Lana helped me when I had sharp pain between shoulder blades. Results of this treatment was almost immediate! With in 1 hour my pain was gone. I received acupuncture treatment, treatment with suction cups and also I got ear seeds that were placed in my ears into corresponding points to treat upper back pain. My treatment was conducted in a very professional and therapeutic matter. I was also treated to several cups of good green tea and great advice on how to keep my shoulders pain free."

"I came to see Lana when I was experiencing intense pain and stiffness in my upper back and shoulders area. I felt the difference right after the very first treatment! She helped alleviate stiffness and easy back pain with her magic pinpoint approach right to the trigger points. Lana is highly proffesional, very skilled, knowledgeable and easy to communicate with."

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