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Lana Moshkovich, DACM, L.AC

Chinese Medicine & Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner located in Deerfield, IL

Even if you eat a healthy balanced diet, you may not be getting all the nutrients your body needs to promote health and wellness. Lana Moshkovich, DACM, L.Ac, at Nirvana Naturopathics in Deerfield, Illinois, has partnered with Metagenics® to provide you with the supplements you need for better health. Metagenics offers a wide range of supplements to not only improve health but assist in the treatment of various diseases. To learn more about the supplements Nirvana Naturopathics offers, call the office today or set up a consultation online.


What are supplements?

Supplements refer to vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and herbal medicines that you can take to improve your nutritional health and well-being.

Supplements are available in a variety of forms, including capsules, tinctures, and powders and don’t have to go through the same type of stringent testing that drugs do.

What is Metagenics?

Metagenics is a line of high-grade supplements that has been spearheading a movement to make nutrition your first-line therapy in the prevention and treatment of disease for more than 30 years. The supplement company is dedicated to science and conducts clinical research to identify nutrients that support and promote health to create its formulations.

What types of supplements are available?

Dr. Moshkovich offers the full line of Metagenic supplements, which provides a range of formulas specific for your gender, age, disease, or health concern. Some of the supplements available include:

  • UltraFlora® Balance for gastrointestinal health
  • MethylCare™ to support methylation and homocysteine metabolism
  • CoQ10 ST-200™
  • Wellness Essentials® Women
  • D3 liquid and MetaKids™ D3 liquid (liquid vitamin D)
  • MetaKids nutrition powder
  • AdvaClear® to support detoxification

Dr. Moshkovich also offers high-quality food supplements from Metagenics, including Perfect Protein® whey and a ketogenic shake, to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.  

How do I know what supplements I need?

Dr. Moshkovich and her team at Nirvana Naturopathics understand how confusing supplements can be. Without the right help, you may not know what you need. When you come in for a supplement consultation, Dr. Moshkovich spends a lot of time with you reviewing your health concerns, medical history, and family history.

She also talks to you about your lifestyle and eating habits to get a better sense of what you’re getting and what you may be missing.

Based on the information she gathers during your evaluation, Dr. Moshkovich creates a supplement plan to optimize your nutrition and your health. She has you return to the office regularly so she can monitor your response to the supplements and adjust your regimen as needed.

Supplements can be overwhelming. At Nirvana Naturopathics, Dr. Moshkovich can provide you with a supplement regimen that meets your very specific health needs and goals. For a consultation, call the office today or book an appointment online.