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NAET Boost Your Immune System Treatments


We can help prevent the flu this year using non-invasive, effective NAET and learn additional naturopathic and herbal prevention methods to prevent colds and flu this season!

To help prevent flu this year, we will be having an NAET Boost Your Immune System Treatments promotion for children and adults from September 5th through November 30th!

To register for this promotion, please call us at (847)715-9044 to schedule your initial evaluation. You will receive this discounted non-invasive NAET boost your immune system and flu prevention treatment. Please sign the Intake Form on our website: 

What is included in our NAET Boost Your Immune System Treatment?

What You Will Receive:

A reduced-cost NAET 17 treatments to boost your immune system to prevent this year’s flu and a booster treatment.

Handouts on how to protect you and your family from colds and flu by strengthening the immune system with naturopathic medicine.

Learn how to treat yourself, even after exposure, with natural methods and home NAET treatments.

Read and sign the waiver to understand more.

NAET, is not just for Flu prevention. 

Learn more about this non-invasive technique for identifying and how we treat more than 100 food, chemical and environmental allergies and sensitivities at our office!

Please take a look at our YouTube video where Dr. Lana presents an NAET case study below:


If you would like to learn any additional information about NAET, please watch the video below where medical doctor, Dr. Golding, discusses the effectiveness of NAET below:


Please note: If you are already our patient, you do not need to schedule an initial evaluation or complete forms

Dr. Lana Moshkovich, DACM, L. Ac Dr. Lana Moshkovich, DACM, L. Ac

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