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"I was treated by Dr. Lana Moshkovich for severe allergies for food and cat's allergies. She said its important to boost immune system at first so I received my first 17 NAET treatments and then had more specific treatments. Last week I was at my friend house and she has a cat. I was shocked that I didn't have any negative reactions at her house or at my home after I left. I can eat food I avoided before as well. I am really happy I decided to improve my allergies this year and committed to work on my health"- H. K., Glenview, IL 11/22/23


" Our 9 yo son has food allergies and asthma. We had about 40 treatments since February 2023 and we see great improvements in our son's health. Glad we decided to decided to boost his immune system through NAET sessions"- A.D., Buffalo Grove 11/15/23



I have been to Dr. Lana’s office for many different pain-related treatments, but this review is about something special: cosmetic acupuncture. As anything unknown, I was curious! After the first visit, I was so impressed I wanted more. I just finished the treatment, and I will be back! I get compliments on my skin, I see the difference, and I do not wear any makeup- just mascara!! Dr. Lana puts her heart into everything she does. She wants to see the results as much as we do!!! Highly recommend this treatment. And if you have any pain or allergies- she is YOUR Doctor!!! Do not hesitate."

I know I've told you this a million times, but you've changed our lives. Every second of every day and night is better because of you. I've gotten to know my little boy without all the constant pain these last few months. I didn't know him, and I didn't know what he looked like, and now I do. I don't think I can describe the impact you've had on our family. Every smile now is because of you, both his and mine. Thank God for you. We'd been praying for a miracle when you popped up! Our gratitude is so great that there just aren't words. Thank you for staying open during this pandemic for him. I know the risk you took, and all the prayers and work you've put into us, and it'll always be remembered. You will always be a name in our house. There's something special waiting in heaven for you, someone who gave us our little boy back. And I can't imagine all the others you've healed along the way!
- 06/21/20

"For many years my daughter had struggled with multiple food allergies (dairy, all nuts, chocolate, etc.) and it was difficult for her to avoid those tasty foods. We thought we'd give NAET a try, but we honestly didn't know what to expect. Dr. Lana was incredibly kind and immediately built a wonderful rapport with my daughter who takes a quick interest in science and medicine. Dr. Lana explained how my daughter would not have to even come into contact with the allergens and how she could choose to receive either acupuncture or various forms of acupressure. After just a few sessions, we started to notice a difference in our daughter's reaction to foods, so we decided to have her retested at her allergist when she complete her treatments. We were beyond thrilled to see that ALL of her allergies are 100% gone (not a single nut allergy, no dairy, etc.) In just a matter of a few months her life has changed from checking food labels and wondering at restaurants, to now eating lasagna and fried chicken -- we promise to eat healthier in the new year, but for now we are indulging:)"
- Yelp 12/28/19
Jennifer R

“I have had tremendous results. Thanks to Nirvana Naturopathics my allergy problems are gone. I no longer have to take daily over the counter allergy medication. Excellent customer service and nice place. I am very grateful!” - John P. on 6/11/19

“We started seeing Dr. Lana in March of this year for my son's severe eczema and food allergies. My son had just turned 3 only weeks before and was covered head to toe in open, oozing eczema. He scratched consistently day and night. There were only 8 foods he could consume without causing a reaction. My son didn't make the growth charts for height or weight, and things were getting scary for us. We had tried EVERYTHING in the last two years to heal him. EVERYTHING! His eczema was the likes of which every doctor we saw had seen nothing like it. No one could help us. We walked into this office, and there was hope for the first time in years. My son couldn't stop itching and consumed all of my attention. But Dr. Lana didn't give up. She waited, ever so patiently, as we discussed his medical history, his eczema, and his food allergies. Dr. Lana promised us that she would do everything she could to help us. AND SHE DID! We saw Dr. Lana three days a week for three months for NAET, and have continued for 6 months total and counting continuing NAET. They were hard, long visits in the beginning. But again, she waited and made me feel like it was going to be alright. Some nights we didn't leave her office until after 8pm because the scratching was so intense. Today, we see Dr. Lana once to twice a month. My son's eczema is 90% recovered, and he can eat almost anything organic. I stopped counting at about the 100th food mark. He has grown 2 inches and has gained 11 pounds in 6 months. He's happy and healthy. She gave us our son back. She gave him a childhood. She is our miracle we prayed for, for countless nights. We look forward to our visits and know the day of complete healing is so close! In my 3 year old son's words, "Let's go see Dr. Lana so I can eat new foods!" In the words of my 4 year old daughter to my son, "Just take it (the food in question) to Dr. Lana, and you'll be able to eat it!" Dr. Lana is a household name for us. She always will be. She changed our lives!
- 09/11/20
Trista M


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