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“I had never been to an acupuncturist before but after trying everything else that I could think of to address a running injury, I thought, why not? Nothing else that I had tried (laying off if running, doing more walking, stretching, yoga, Arnicare, Ben Gay, ice, heat, etc.) was making a difference. It took probably 2x with acupuncture treatment with Dr Lana to make a big difference. I bought a package of 20 treatments have gone 12x now over the past 7 weeks and feel exponentially better. I just tell her each time where I'm feeling pain and she modifies treatment to address it. I had a goal this past weekend of running a 10k without stopping and did it :) Haven't been able to do that in YEARS. So grateful to feel this terrific through a non-invasive treatment! So, so glad that I gave acupuncture, specifically with Dr Lana, a chance!”- L.R. on 7/23/19

“Dr. Lana is great and highly recommended. I am a fitness trainer and for a longest time I had this weird pain in my elbow. I tried everything and it would go off and on with the pain. I decided to try acupuncture. Dr. Lana was amazing just after few sessions my arm felt better than ever and I haven't had pain since.” – Igor S. on 7/28/19

“Recently been getting back pain and tightness fromworking out and heard cupping can relieve knots and make you feel "free" again and wow did it work. Right after the cups are off it's like you're a new person, breathing felt a little easier, walking felt lighter, my back mobility was amazing, and no knots at all. The atmosphere it's done in is great, soothing and relaxing with peaceful music in the background. It's been a week since I did it and my back still feels amazing. Worth it!” – M. S. Buffalo Grove on 11/22/22


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