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Back Pain


" I have never thought I would like needles to be put into my body! But I really love it.

I enjoy every visit, the office staff is incredible!

But the most important thing is I'm feeling so much better! My sugar has improved, and my pain is better!

Dr. Lana is very attentive, warm, and passionate about her craft!" - 5 Star Google review, M. R., Northbrook.


"I absolutely LOVE Lana. She knows what she’s doing and is such an amazing person. The way she does acupuncture doesn’t even hurt which is amazing (that’s how you know she does it right). The atmosphere here is so peaceful and welcoming. I’ve struggled with chronic migraines and back pain for 5 years (I’m only a teenager). I’ve tried absolutely everything to help them go away and nothing has helped, until I found acupunture. Ever since I found Lana, they’ve virtually gone away. The time I get to spend relaxed in the room makes me feel so much better. I come back every week. Thank you Dr. Lana!"

“I have had chronic back & neck pain for most of my adult life. I tried everything in the past (massage, physical therapy, chiropractor, etc.) and nothing worked. On a whim, I decided to try Acupuncture about a year or two years ago and Lana has changed my life! In a short amount of time my back & neck pain has significantly diminished, I feel like, my stress level has been reduced.  I was impressed how Lana Moshkovich is so passionate & committed to her work. Lana is one of the most genuine, patient and thoughtful people I have ever met. I was impressed that she spent so much time just listening to my problems -- it's an amazing feeling when a doctor actually takes the time to listen & seems genuinely committed to helping you improve. Lana confidently stated that she thought she could help and laid out a clear treatment plan. Over the course of my treatment with Dr. Moshkovich I could feel my back and neck improving with each visit. The acupuncture itself was a key part of the plan, but Lana also introduced me to an amazing cupping therapy, which helped with blood circulation... I highly recommend Nirvana Naturopathics.” -Marina S. on 8/15/17

“Wow! All my back pain is gone after I came to Nirvana!”- Feliks S. on 6/02/17

“I have had great success with acupuncture and cupping. Has helped with muscle and back pain.”- John V. on 7/8/19

“I came to see Lana when I was experiencing intense pain and stiffness in my upper back and shoulders area. I felt the difference right after the very first treatment! She helped alleviate stiffness and back pain with her magic pinpoint approach right to the trigger points. Lana is highly professional, very skilled, knowledgeable, and easy to communicate with.” -Irina V. on 11/12/14

“It takes just two sessions of acupuncture to avoid my lower back pain and I’m going to Lana again to treat my arthritis. I really appreciate her attention and help.” -Yelena T. on 11/03/14

“I came to Nirvana Naturopathics after I have been struggled with lower back pain for months. To my great surprise, after the very first treatment, I started to feel the difference. Lana is a very knowledgeable, compassionate and takes the time to work with each patient.  She also a great herbalist. Her choice of herbs for my long term chronic problems worked perfect for me! I have highly recommended her to family members and friends as a knowledgeable and highly professional acupuncturist and herbalist.”- Irina V. on 1/20/15

“ I had many naturopaths to choose from in my area. I'm very happy with Lana at Nirvana. She's patient, soft spoken, answered all my questions, very professional. I had several cupping applications for an ache on my back a few months ago. My back still feels wonderful. I highly recommend Lana.”- Fanchon L. on 6/07/19

“I had severe pain on my back due to sciatica and took treatment from Dr. Lana. My pain became very moderate to none and manageable. Her office and treatment rooms are clean. Her interaction with patient is very good.”- Sunny C. on 6/24/19

“I had terrible pain in my back and right leg. Doctor understood my problem based on her experience and gave me correct treatment. The atmosphere in her office was great and after 2 days  of procedures I could walk. The price for healing was reasonable. I will recommend this doctor to all of my relatives and friends. Thank you Dr. Lana indeed.”- Mikhail G. on 7/17/19

“I chose to see Dr. Lana after reading all of the positive reviews, and am SO happy that I did. I broke my L1 vertebrae in 2015 and though I could live through the pain here and there the past couple of years, but the real problems started when I couldn't stand up for more than 20 mins comfortably at around 14 weeks of pregnancy back in January '21. Massages were such a temporary fix and I'm so mad I never tried acupuncture sooner!! My husband and I were hesitant to believe whether this could actually work, and after just 2 sessions, he noticed I was maneuvering around the house like never before (mind you I am 26yo so that should NOT be an issue) without complaining and I was no longer asking for nightly massages. Dr. Lana really listened and took the time to understand everything thoroughly during our initial consultation and got to work immediately after our chat. I recommend her to everyone in the area with any bodily aches and pains and especially pregnant mama's out there who are looking to relieve their back pain, sciatica, and I even believe she helped my baby in these last few weeks make her way from breech to head down position in prep for a healthy birth. I will absolutely be continuing sessions with her for the foreseeable future!"- Sydney K 05/29/21

“Recently been getting back pain and tightness fromworking out and heard cupping can relieve knots and make you feel "free" again and wow did it work. Right after the cups are off it's like you're a new person, breathing felt a little easier, walking felt lighter, my back mobility was amazing, and no knots at all. The atmosphere it's done in is great, soothing and relaxing with peaceful music in the background. It's been a week since I did it and my back still feels amazing. Worth it!” – M. S. Buffalo Grove on 11/22/22



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