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Cosmetic Accupuncture


“Dr. Lana at Nirvana Naturopathics is wonderful. Very kind and attentive to her patients. Results were noticeable the third session. Truly a miracle worker. A very relaxing atmosphere and comfortable. Very caring. She will send you a reminder notice just in case you forget. Such reasonable prices compared to others in this field. I must say tremendous results seen and felt…”-  Shanuel D. on 6/16/19

“First of all, I love Dr. Moshkovich. Every time I see her I leave feeling calmed and better about myself. I've been receiving cosmetic acupuncture for a few months now and it has changed my skin and set the clock back some years. My skin went from dry to normal (maybe even a bit oily). My face appears lifted and my jawline is sharp. And the sessions are so calming and relaxing I've become addicted. I don't plan on ever stopping the cosmetic acupuncture, as this has become a new necessity in my life. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to improve their skin, elasticity and overall health!"- Erin 05/21/21

“I have been to Dr. Lana’s office for many different pain-related treatments, but this review is about something special: cosmetic acupuncture. As anything unknown, I was curious! After the first visit, I was so impressed I wanted more. I just finished the treatment, and I will be back! I get compliments on my skin, I see the difference, and I do not wear any makeup- just mascara!! Dr. Lana puts her heart into everything she does. She wants to see the results as much as we do!!! Highly recommend this treatment. And if you have any pain or allergies- she is YOUR Doctor!!! Do not hesitate."

This is my second Microneedling session. I liked Dr.Lana's professional and personalized approach. She noticed my "weak" areas and gave those areas more attention. I liked how Dr. Lana was increasing gradually speed when used Microneedling Pen. After the session, Dr. Lana gave me some advice how to optimize results of Microneedling specifically for my skin type.

I am very excited to see improvement in my skin! -M.N. 


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