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Headaches, Fertility, PCOS



Case study: Headaches, Fertility, PCOS



A 31-year-old female patient came in with chief complaints of chronic headaches and fertility issues and PCOS. 

She and her husband are happily married and hoped to get a positive first natural pregnancy. 

Among other symptoms were:

fatigue, irritability, desire to lose weight, missed and irregular periods. 

The first initial evaluation and Acupuncture session took place on September 18, 2022

We discussed the Nirvana Life Fertility BioTherapy Program at the first consultation.  A treatment plan was designed for this particular case with a focus on resolving headaches and focus on natural fertility. 

PCOS is a condition in which ovaries produce an abnormal amount of androgens, male hormones that are usually present in women in small amounts. There are numerous small cysts that form in the ovaries. 

Treatments for PCOS are often done with medication that doesn’t cure PCOS but prevents some health problems and helps reduce the symptoms.

This patient didn’t want to take medication at this time. 

Our treatment plan was to do a combination of treatments including Acupuncture and other Integrative Medicine Modalities. 

Since she wasn’t able to come 3 times a week (as often as we intended) due to her schedule and Chicago Downtown location we implemented Herbal Medicine and some supplements. 

We had a total of 18 sessions during the period of 09/18/22- 12/19/22

We regulated her period. The patient didn’t report her headaches after October 2022. 

The patient went on her vacation to celebrate the Holidays at the end of December 2022. 

When I saw this patient on 1/9/2023 the patient said she had her positive pregnancy test. 

We are thrilled with our results. Our goal is to continue and support her journey to see a healthy baby in her arms very soon.

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