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Knee Pain


“Dr. Lana has been great! Her office is warm and welcoming, and she treats everyone with respect and as unique patients and individuals. I have been going for treatments for over a year. She has cured my knee, and now I return once a month for maintenance. I love her!”- Sarah B. on 2/02/17

“I love what Lana is doing for my knee, leg, and all the muscular aliments I have had. Her positive, gentle, and great knowledge of her work makes me feel relaxed and confident in what she does with me. Thank you, Lana!” -Sarah B. on 2/05/17

“I had terrible pain in my back and right leg. Doctor understood my problem based on her experience and gave me correct treatment. The atmosphere in her office was great and after 2 days of procedures I could walk. The price for healing was reasonable. I will recommend this doctor to all of my relatives and friends. Thank you Dr. Lana indeed.”- Mikhail G. on 7/17/19

“This has been a great experience. My knee pain is so less than when I started. I always look forward to my sessions; I get the best nap in and feel so refreshed afterwards! I would recommend her to anyone with any pain!”- Heather B. on 8/21/19


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