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"Miracle happens, fighting from 2-3 years with unbalanced hormones and start gaining weight due to my total hysterectomy, trying everything and seems like nothing help, but my hope and trust in Dr. Lana proves with facts... after 10 days of Detox, acupuncture and followed her directions I finally start losing weight... after 10 days 8lbs less and keep going, for me this is the natural way to keep my body and my health in a good shape. Thank you very much Dr. Lana you are amazing!" - Daniela D. on Yelp, Sep 30, 2020

“I came to Lana a few weeks ago after multiple western medicine treatments failed to relieve my lower back pain, sciatica and menopausal symptoms. On our first visit I explained my health issues and after listening attentively and asking some questions related to my problems she recommended a few Chinese herbs which she believed would help me. Lana also did acupuncture on my body to help relieve my back pain and menopause symptoms (insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, hot flashes). Lana explained the purpose of the placement of each needle and how they worked to achieve my goal. I took an instant liking to Lana as she was calm and encouraging and very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine. I saw Lana again later in the week where we discussed how the herbs were working (which they were as I slept like a baby and no hot flashes). She proceeded to do acupuncture and cupping which was like a deep massage with suction. It felt great and alleviated my sciatica and lower back pain. I will continue to see Lana as needed to maintain a pain free and calm state. I highly recommend Lana and wish I had found her years ago.”- BJ. B. on 2/21/15


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